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Biomedical research

The Biomedical research market is all about protection.  Whether it is protection of operators whilst working on highly classified pathogens or protection of valuable research tools safety is always the primary concern.  Whatever level of biological safety a laboratory is operating at, bioquelling between projects or sessions is a precaution well worth taking.  Having equipment available to roll in at a moments’ notice or perhaps built in to the building management system, accidental exposure of the open laboratory to agents can be quickly and easily mitigated with a robust HPV gassing procedure leaving the space clear of dangers. 

Bioquell have a range of options for mobile or built-in equipment to satisfy most sizes of facility.  In addition to that, very large facilities can be routinely bioquelled by outsourcing to Bioquell and allowing our teams to fully manage the process, perhaps as part of an annual shutdown.

Movement of materials into and out of such facilities can also be easily handled in a safe manner by the use of the Bioquell materials transfer chambers.  Ensure rogue viruses do not enter the facility via packaging around essential items, keeping your research tools safe and free from diseases.