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Process equipment decontamination

Where equipment is used in an environment whereby contamination must be minimalized/nil, Bioquell's HPV process can be deployed to manage/eradicate this contamination risk.

Our Solutions

Process equipment applications are increasing with either the need to manage bio-contamination e.g. Incubators or prepare surfaces of equipment in preparation for sterile or aseptic processes.

The acceptance that the gaseous vapor phase decontamination process can be validated to achieve conditions of surface sterilization has opened this application to freeze dryer decontamination. Bioquell has developed a freeze dryer decontamination solution to meet this requirement - the decontamination of equipment.

There has also been a requirement to develop a HPV ‘cool cycle’ for autoclaves where the autoclave is used as a material transfer chamber for heat and vacuum sensitive materials or equipment e.g. computer, keyboard decontamination etc.

Bioquell products for process equipment

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