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Facility bioquelling (commissioning)

Starting a new facility whether utilising GMP or not can be fraught with risks.  One risk which can be eliminated quickly and easily is that of microbial contamination which would be present after the building process has been completed.  A good macro clean followed by a suitable decontamination process can be utilised to remove the risk and prepare the facility for work.  Sometimes the facility will have acquired decontamination equipment in preparation for maintenance of rooms and laboratories on a routine basis, however when the facility is too large overall, how can this be used for start up?  The answer is either slowly or with risk as the equipment is moved between smaller areas.  

As an alternative, a bioquelling of the facility for commissioning purposes can provide a quick and efficient solution to the problem.  Utilising the fully managed service provided by the Bioquell RBDS team, which can operate to almost any scale, means a rapid removal of all bio-burden is possible and the work can commence much faster.  Backed up by full documentation and reports, a newly commissioned facility can be operational and approved in less time with only routine maintenance of bio-burden required to follow.

Bioquell products for facility bioquelling (commissioning)

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