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Facility bioquelling (emergency response)

Contamination detected in a critical process will often result in a complete cessation of operations in order to investigate and resolve the issue. Such an event is often extremely costly (both financially and in reputation).

Bioquell is a recognized expert in providing rapid and effective resolution of a bio-contamination event using our unique bioquelling process with hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV), executed by trained and experienced engineers using specialist equipment (Bioquell RBDS team).

The bioquelling service can be mobilized quickly to ensure that operations can re-commence with minimal disruption.  It offers high level disinfection (6-log sporicidal inactivation) without the risk of residues as the active hydrogen peroxide is removed following bio-decontamination during the aeration phase of the process.  In addition the by-products of hydrogen peroxide during the oxidation-based inactivation are non-toxic, being only water vapour and oxygen. The process is fully verified using 6-log Geobacillus stearothermophilus spore biological indicators which are accepted by regulatory bodies as a method to validate high-level disinfection.

Bioquell products for facility bioquelling (emergency response)

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