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Bioquell QUBE

Modular Aseptic Isolator

  • Flexible, upgradable design – Meets today’s needs and future requirements
  • Rapid installation and validation
  • Ergonomic – Built with you in mind
  • Hydrogen peroxide vapour technology – Optimum performance from Pharmacy to Biotech
  • Excellence in sterility test performance, with integrated Millipore pump
  • Replace your Cleanroom at a fraction of the running costs
  • Accessories – To customise the QUBE for your application
  • 20-minute decontamination cycles - after 20 minutes the fully decontaminated load can be transferred into the next chamber where work can start
  • 30 minutes between load decontamination – after 30 minutes the next load can be placed in the chamber for decontamination

With 18 configurations available, QUBE is the ideal solution for your aseptic processing challenges.




Taking Control of Your Environments

Configure your own QUBE