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Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour

Bio-decontamination within a room or chamber is achieved by depositing an even layer of 'micro-condensation' of hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) over all surfaces. The term micro-condensation may be defined as a microscopic film of HPV, which being at a sub-micron level is invisible to the naked eye.

Scientific research has proven that it is this low temperature, 'residue-free' deposit that actually deactivates micro-organisms during the gassing process.

The micro-condensation process ensures that the optimum conditions for biological inactivation are achieved. When the process reaches the dew point the time required for a log reduction of activity (the D-Value) is shortest. This occurs when the kill kinetic curve plotted against time is steepest. The transition between the shallow curve and the steep section coincides with the onset of micro-condensation.

The combination of a vapour generator and high velocity gas distribution nozzles and fans provides an even spread of HPV vapour which can be introduced in the optimum combinations to all areas of a room or enclosure.

Utilising this system of active distribution, all surfaces are uniformly exposed to hydrogen peroxide vapour. This system is operated at ambient room temperature and relative humidity, without the need to attain significantly reduced humidity traditionally associated with hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination systems.

Hydrogen peroxide vapour decomposes to oxygen and water vapour, hence the bio-decontamination process is 'residue-free'. The main benefit of this is that no further wiping down of surfaces is required on completion of decontamination.

Hydrogen peroxide vapour concentration is reduced to below a 1ppm concentration level, which is the current time-weighted average safe exposure limit, before re-entry to the room is permitted of hydrogen peroxide, via the vaporiser circuit.

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The video below provides a graphical illustration of how the HPV process works.