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Healthcare Challenges

Healthcare professionals experience a wide range of challenges with regard to infection control. Explore some of these using the navigation menu to the left or visit just some of the applications where Bioquell technology can be used below.

From the increasing threat of antibiotic-resistant pathogens (like MERS-CoV and CRE/CPE), through to the global risk of virulent pandemic (like Ebola), the challenges facing modern healthcare can be vast. Add to this pressures on funding, greater regulations and higher patient care standards, this section lets you explore each subject and our application section helps to identify how Bioquell can help.




Outbreak & infection management

When outbreaks occur, rapid reaction and technology that ensures eradication is essential Read more

Specialised hospital area management

From Burns Units to Transplant, Oncology to Renal, Paediatrics to Intensive Care Units, flexible and tailored solutions… Read more

Estates & Facilities

Keeping hospitals running smoothly and cost effectively is important when considering infection prevention and control… Read more


Housekeeping, Environmental Services & Domestics

Keeping hospitals clean and carrying out targeted deep-cleaning are key support roles to aid an effective infection… Read more