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Renal and Dialysis Units

Most Renal and Dialysis Units can have many transient patients from their local communities visiting for treatment. The risk of unwanted and virulent pathogens that cause serious infections being brought into the units can be high. Add to this inherent risk of a patient catching a HAIs through 'normal'contact routes, a further and more serious route of pathogen entry as during the dialysis process, the protective skin layer is punctured to enable treatment.

All of this means high levels of hygiene must always be observed and enforced in the environment, with the equipment and during the treatment process. It is essential that treatment areas, waiting rooms and communal washrooms/toilets are regularly decontaminated/deep cleaned using proven technology that eradicates a wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses and fungi to ensure unwanted pathogen 'colonies' are not allowed to build up. In addition, whilst needles and tubing is easy to sterilize and linen can be washed, it is important to ensure chairs/beds and in particular the actual dialysis units are also regular cleaned to a high level.

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