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Hospital Pharmacies

Specialized, tailored medication treatments often need to be produced by the hospital-based pharmacist at the request of the medical practitioner treating the patient. These can include powerful drugs, parenteral nutrition products/supplements. Even highly toxic drugs such as the cytotoxics used to treat many cancer patients can be produced. When these drugs need to be injected intravenously (IV), subcutaneously, intraspinally or intramuscularly, it is essential they have been produced in a highly aseptic environment. This is to minimise the risk of infection to the patient.

To maintain good aseptic environments, areas need to be regularly cleaned to a high level. Workstations can also be used  to provide a secure aseptic environment. These workstations can offer the ability to successfully eradicate pathogens from all raw material packaging and drug compounding equipment before sterile safety seals are broken and any mixing or compounding takes places.

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