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Ambulance and Emergency Services (EMS)

Ambulance teams and other emergency medical services (EMS) workers provide medical care in many unique and dangerous environments. They render care to an increasingly mobile/transient population, many of whom potentially have a high risk of having an infectious or an emerging disease. In addition to treating accident victims (including those in vehicles or suffering from falls, cuts, burns, and more), the emergency professionals out in the field are increasingly having to treat the homeless, nursing home patients, trauma victims and the critically ill who often have multiple diseases and infections. Like many other healthcare professionals, they face ever-increasing exposures to infectious diseases. 

After treating patients, the evidence above shows there can be a strong need to clean and disinfect their work equipment including the inside of ambulances/emergency vehicles. Bioquell's range of emergency solutions can help to provide a truly deep-clean environment, eradicating unwanted pathogens from all exposed surfaces. And Bioquell Pods can be built to help decontaminate any equipment not kept in vehicles that is thought to offer a risk to the healthcare workers or subsequent patients.

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