Bioquell Q-10

The Q-10 is the ultimate tool for elimination of pathogens in the hospital environment, including areas contaminated with Ebola virus disease. Whereas other automated systems reduce contamination, the Q-10 has been shown to consistently eliminate pathogens on surfaces. Portable, self-sterilising and easy to use, the Q-10 empowers hospital staff to use hydrogen peroxide vapour technology as needed.


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Product highlights

  • Unique: eliminates pathogens 
  • Shown to reduce infection rates by 64%.
  • Proven as cost-beneficial by the UK NHS
  • Broad spectrum efficacy (Ebola, C.diff, TB, Acinetobacter)
  • Independently proven to be superior to 5% HPV systems and UV systems 
  • EPA registered sporacidal sterilant
  • Bioquell Pod decontamination in c.1hr
  • Real time validation 
  • >>100,000 bed spaces worldwide

“The Trust Procurement, Infection Control and Hotel Services Teams evaluated 30% Bioquell and 5% systems and selected 30% HPV due to superior efficacy and performance. We continue to have an excellent relationship with Bioquell.”

Head of Environmental Services, London NHS Trust

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Unique parametric control for ease of operation and fast bio-decontamination cycles

Associated Bioquell R-30 aeration and distribution system assists vapour distribution during bio-decontamination
Reduces cycle times using a high efficiency catalytic aeration process

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