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Wound Treatment Units

Whenever a patient has an open wound, the risk of an infection increases. The body's natural protection barrier - the skin - has now been compromised and pathogens naturally lurking in the environment can invade and begin to cause a 'bridgehead' which can lead entry into the bloodstream and other cells. Additionally, body fluids lost during the treatment of a wound carry nutrients and moisture, making them ideal for pathogen growth outside the body if not removed/cleanup. Biofilms can form from such sources, making removal of biological contaminants using standard cleaning methods even more difficult. This in turn can lead to a more significant pathogen and higher level/concentration challenge when the next patient with an open wound is treated.

So cleanliness of the environment is essential if this risk is to be minimized and good sterile management of the wound is also a priority. By using proven pathogen eradication technology in areas that regularly treat wounds, healthcare workers can ensure that all steps have been taken to minimize the risk of acquiring a HAI.

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