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Outpatient Clinics

Outpatient clinics are an essential part of the everyday workings of a modern hospital. But the transient nature of visitors can severely compromise efforts taken to minimise the risk of entry of community-based pools of infection. All to easily, outpatients can be in the early mid or late stages of infection, or could simply be carrying an infectious agent unknowingly. With communal areas, washrooms and treatment suites, it can be easy for the pathogen to be shed to a nook or cranny from which it can multiply or simply survive until a more prone passerby picks it up and causes it to spread throughout the hospital.

So good environmental hygiene practice is essential, with regular deep cleaning of all contact areas particularly after the visit of a patient with a suspected contagious infection. Such cleaning needs to be very comprehensive, covering all surfaces and equipment that the patients may have come into contact with. As Outpatient Clinics tend to close for the evening/night, this can be the ideal time to undertake a comprehensive cleaning programme using proven and highly efficacious technology known to eradicate a wide spectrum of bacteria, viruses and moulds.

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