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General Wards

With transient patient populations, numerous visitors (often with relatively free access), healthcare workers and hospital support staff, general wards can be very busy places. Bacteria and viruses (germs) can easily enter these wards, coming from the patient themselves, other patients, staff, visitors (including siblings), equipment or the environment. Infection acquired in a hospital ward may directly cause disease; or it may create a symptomless carrier. Although a symptomless carrier suffers no immediate harm, they can remain a source from which others may be more seriously infected

There are four basic principles of ward procedure for the control of infection: patients who are especially liable to spread infection and those who are especially susceptible to it should not be accommodated in the same ward; the ward staff should not themselves be dangerous sources or vectors of pathogenic organisms; the patients' inanimate environment should not become a reservoir of pathogens; and ward techniques must be those least liable to convey pathogens.  

Some of the key processes to help manage and keep the risk of an infection outbreak on a general ward at bay include: Hand Hygiene (hand washing or using alcohol gel is the most effective way of stopping infections passing from person to person); Monitoring (including testing all patients before or on admission if they carry germs that are resistant to common antibiotics, such as MRSA - methicillin resistant staphylococcus); Environment (ensuring the ward and near patient areas are clean and tidy); and Isolation (using single rooms and segregated areas to prevent the transfer of infection from infected patients to other patients, staff and visitors).

Bioquell is able to offer a range of solutions to help eradicate pathogens from the environment when a suspected infectious patient is discharged or moved. And with our Bioquell Pod range, we can offer quick to erect, cost-effective structures to complement and boost the hospital's own pool of single rooms. This is ideal as they can be erected on the ward in a few hours without the need to close it.

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